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Why you should study Bible prophecy

If you love Jesus, you should want to learn Bible prophecy. Why?  Because somewhere between a third to nearly half the Bible is prophecy. So if you love the word of God, it only makes sense that you should love Bible prophecy. As Pastor Billy Crone says "How can you be a faithful shepherd, if you leave out one-third of the Bible?"

Reasons to study Bible prophesy

  • You will have a special blessing if you hear or read the book of Revelation and take it to heart. (Revelation 1:3 and Revelation 22:7)
  • Prophecy exposes what the anti-Christ and the false prophet will do in the end times.
  • Knowing that the end could come at any time motivate us to get our lives right with God. I know that it motivates me. You don’t want to miss the rapture of the Church and be left behind to endure the great tribulation.
  • So you can warn others that the end of this age is near.
  • So that when we see the things happening that Jesus foretold in Matthew 24, we’ll understand that these things must happen and be comforted knowing that God is in control.

In his book "Insights on Revelation", Chuck Swindoll writes that knowing what the Bible teaches about the future:

  • Communicates the full CHARACTER OF GOD, balancing our theology.
  • Gives us HOPE for today and alleviates UNNECESSARY FEARS about the future.
  • Compels us to live GODLY LIVES in view of FUTURE REWARDS.
  • Moves us to WORSHIP GOD, who will ultimately TRIUMPH OVER EVIL.

And the number one reason you should study bible prophecy is that because Jesus said “I am telling you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe that I am who I am" (John 13:19 NIV).
So, why don’t more Christians study prophesy,
and why don’t more pastors teach it?
One reason is that people think it’s full of doom and gloom. It’s true that a lot of terrible things are going to happen between now and Christ’s second coming. In Matthew 24, Jesus outlines several signs of the end times and tells his disciples that those signs will be like birth pangs, which means that they will grow in both frequency and intensity. And these signs pale in comparison to the judgments that are prophesied in the book of Revelation. Who wants to be on the Earth when all of that breaks loose?  Certainly not me. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

Why Bible prophesy isn’t all doom and gloom

  • God’s dwelling place will be with us. There will be no more death, mourning, crying or pain. (Revelation 21:4 NASB)
  • We’ll have a new, imperishable, and perfect body. (1 Corinthians 15:51-53 NASB)
  • True believers will be taken out of the Earth before all hell breaks loose. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 NASB)
  • Jesus will return to set up his kingdom on Earth for 1,000 years.
    • True believers will rule with Jesus in his millennial kingdom. (Revelation 20:6 NASB)
    • Satan will be bound during that time. Just imagine what an amazing time it will be on Earth when our greatest arch-enemy won’t be able to insight evil. (Revelation 20:1-3 NASB)
    • There will be no more war. (Isaiah 2:4 NASB)
    • People who are born during Christ’s millennial reign will live long lives.  (Isaiah 65:20 NASB)
    • Animals will no longer be a danger to humans. (Isaiah 65:25 NASB)
  • Jesus defeats Satan in the end. (Revelation 20:10 NASB)
  • Jesus will create a new heaven and a new Earth. (Revelation 21:1 NASB)

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